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🔊 Welcome to Jaws88 Online Casino. Everyday Events Everywhere Rewards! 🧧Lucky AngPao Giveaway🧧 Jaws88 will give out daily suprise rewards Red Envelope worth up to MYR8,888 bonus every day (T&C Apply). Dragon & Tiger Slot Tournament will start from 31/05/2021 ~ 31/7/2021. Payment Method: ATM | Boost & Touch N Go E-Wallet | MayBank QRPay | TruePay Payment Gateway. We accept Touch N Go Reload PIN (Available in KK Supermart, Petronas Petrol Station and 7-Eleven. Just click on Contact Us, if you have any further queries. Good Luck & Have a nice day!
Account information
  • 4-10 Combination of symbols and numbers
  • 6-12 Combination of symbols and numbers
  • Must as same as your bank account name,or you can not withdrawal.
  • We will contact you to valdate the account activation